CBS Adds “Survivor: Ventilator Wars” To Fall Schedule

CBS has added a new twist to its popular reality series Survivor. In the latest edition coming out in the fall, 20 contestants with COVID-19 will compete for a single ventilator. Each week, one will be voted off the “island,” in this case a quarantined intensive care unit. They will also compete in weekly challenges for a variety of luxuries including basic health care and dignity.

“It’s an exciting way to update a classic,” says executive producer Mark Burnett. “A million dollars is one thing, but not dying a horrible, protracted, and easily preventable death is a whole new level of incentive.”

“Survivor: Ventilator Wars” will join other coronavirus-themed game shows on the fall schedule, including ABC’s “Who Wants To Breathe A Little Air?” and FOX’s “The Masked Doctor.”

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