Girlfriend’s Hand Lotion Running Out

Your girlfriend’s supply of hand lotion has been quickly diminishing ever since you started working from home. Now, experts are warning that it could run out by the end of next week, prompting uncomfortable questions from your girlfriend.

“This feels really light,” your girlfriend said yesterday as she was getting ready for her shift at the hospital. “I guess my hands have been really dry recently with all the handwashing.” She has also remarked on how well-moisturized your hands have been in the two weeks that you have been stuck at the house, despite your repeated denials of using any lotion yourself.

While you could run to the store to get more, that would mean going back on your continued denials of even knowing what the hand lotion is. As alternatives to the lotion are carefully researched, experts have advised that you carefully ration out how much you use on a daily basis and hope that your girlfriend buys a new bottle herself.

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