Annoying Coworker Still Thinks Corona Beer Jokes Are Funny

Oblivious to the fact that it’s been old for weeks now, your coworker Gary is still making jokes about Corona beer. The 51-year-old who everyone already socially distances from has been repeating the same tired lines to anyone he can corner.

“I bought a case of Corona since it was on sale, for obvious reasons,” he cracked, leaning in much closer than the recommended six feet to give an unwanted nudge. “Just hope I don’t get sick!”

Anne from the office next door reports that she spent a “horrible” fifteen minutes this morning listening to Gary trot out such groaners as “they had to quarantine the Corona at the liquor store” and “I just hope it doesn’t spread to the Bud Light.” She was finally able to escape when Gary was told he had a call waiting for him at his desk. “It was awful,” she said, “he seems to have completely missed that everyone has already made these same jokes a thousand times.”

While some see working from home as a possible way to avoid Gary’s lame attempts at humour, others aren’t so sure. “He’s been saying that he’ll be having a Corona or two while he’s supposed to be working, and giving this dumb wink” said Glen from accounting. “If anything I think that the social isolation will mean he’ll have fewer outlets for his terrible jokes, meaning that anyone who he talks to on the phone will experience increased levels of cringe.” Others worry that more time on Facebook will give Gary more fodder for his comedic endeavors.

At press time, Gary was heard chuckling over a picture of a Corona bottle with a mask  that he was about to forward to the entire office.

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