Prince Charles Reportedly Contracted Coronavirus While Still Sick With Flu

Sources close to the Royal Family say that Prince Charles became infected with the coronavirus while he still had the flu. The Prince of Wales’ relationship with the influenza virus was reportedly “rocky,” and he repeatedly came into contact with the coronavirus.

“It was always coronavirus, he knew it in his lungs,” one source said. “It was just a question of whether doctors would accept it. In the end, they knew that they had no choice.” The source went on to say that “Charles is perfect for coronavirus, since he’s in the at-risk group.”

The flu has also been rumored to be carrying on infections with around 60,000 other people in the UK. A spokesperson for the virus declined comment.

Charles has not seen Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in weeks, with some close to him saying that he is trying to avoid them meeting the coronavirus. According to an anonymous source in Buckingham Palace, when the Queen heard about Charles’ new infection, she smiled slightly and told staff to “get William’s head measured for the crown.”

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